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The check engine light in your car can indicate a wide array of things are wrong with your car but unless you have the proper tools it is impossible to know for sure what the problem really is. At German Motor and Auto Care we’ve earned our reputation as Safety Harbor’s premiere dealership alternative service center. By using the latest tools and equipment we can not only diagnose the cause for your check engine light staying on but also we can repair the issue quicker than the competition.

Keeping The Check Engine Light Off

The best way to keep your check engine light from turning on is by following your vehicle’s recommended service plan. These maintenance plans are designed to help your car stay issue-free while addressing the common slight repairs and tune-ups that come with owning any vehicle. German Motor and Auto Care offers the same premium services you’d find at a dealership but for a wide assortment of the most popular European-made luxury cars.

We proudly service:

Each vehicle we see is serviced with the same high quality customer service and care we’ve built our reputation on.

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For Safety Harbor, FL residents looking to finally find out why that check engine light is on call German Motor and Auto Care today. Our friendly staff has the experience to find the problem quickly and the customer service needed to get your car back to you as fast as possible so you can get back to enjoying your car like it was meant to be.

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