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Even Premium Cars Suffer From Engine Trouble

Drivers rely on their luxury cars for superior performance and comfort but even these vehicles can have problems signaled by the check engine light. Most drivers panic when this happens as the check engine light can mean dozens of different problems may be occurring in your car and repair costs can range from affordable to a complete rebuild. Fortunately for drivers throughout Palm Harbor, FL the experts at German Motor and Auto Care are here to help prevent and repair any damages that may impact your car.

How To Protect Your Engine

German Motor and Auto Care utilizes the latest tools and equipment to both diagnose why your check engine light is on and repair any issues causing it. Just some check engine light causes that we repair include:

  • Broken or loose gas cap
  • Catalytic converter damage or failure
  • Failing Oxygen Sensor
  • Bad spark plug wires
  • Dead battery

We understand that you rely on your car and letting an issue develop simply isn’t an option. That’s why we pride ourselves on dealership quality service done with faster turnaround times and at affordable prices. Our certified technicians have experience with some of the most popular European-made brands:


Quality That Lasts

For drivers in Palm Harbor, Florida the experts at German Motor and Auto Care are trusted with everything from preventative maintenance to any and all system repairs. Our friendly staff helps you drive with confidence knowing that your check engine light is off because the issue is repaired and our quality preventative maintenance will make sure it stays off. Please call us today if your European car is experiencing performance issues or to diagnose a check engine light.

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