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High Quality Service For All The Best Brands

German Motor and Auto Care have built our reputation as the number one alternative for dealership service for drivers in Oldsmar, FL with our high quality work and an emphasis on customer service. We proudly service and repair the most popular European luxury car brands including:

While these manufacturers are all known for complicated and specific service plans, our technicians have the years of experience and knowledge needed to find the right solution to any problem you’re experiencing.

Avoiding The Check Engine Light

One of the worst problems is when the check engine light comes on your dashboard and you’re left deciphering endless potential causes for it. At German Motor and Auto Care we use the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately read and diagnose why your check engine light is on and how we can fix it.

We also help you avoid the problem altogether with our comprehensive service plans designed to follow the maintenance plan for your specific make and model. These plans are completely customizable so whether your BMW 3 Series needs a specific mileage service appointment or your MINI Cooper has engine stumble we help you get the services you need without unnecessary add-ons. This also helps us provide you with more affordable maintenance costs than the dealership and other name brand companies.

Repair Your Car Even Faster

If you’re in Oldsmar and your check engine light is on or you’re experiencing other performance issues in your vehicle please call German Motor and Auto Care today. Our mechanics will help you find the root of the problem and get it repaired faster so you can save time and money while ensuring your car still gets the quality service it deserves.

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